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Deep Truth: Wisdom of the Masters - Reality and Illusion:

Practical steps to understand the Universe, master the mind,

develop intuition, deepen wisdom, & live an inspired life!

by Jean Walters


Description: This is an International Best Seller. 

In this book, I reach beyond the material world and string together elements of quantum theory to connect our inner and outer worlds, the outer, material realm being a symbolic representation of the individual’s inner world. The body and mind are vehicles for use in our exploration and growth, and we have the opportunity to master these vehicles. Conclusively, we live in one field of energy: the quantum field or God. It is what unites us.

Each chapter addresses a particular element of our world and provides action steps that lead to mastery. As you use these steps, your awareness will deepen and expand. The point is that we are, indeed, spiritual beings experiencing a human life adventure. What we do with that opportunity is an individual consideration. It is important to note that each choice and action has ramifications for all other experiences and beings. That makes each of us a member of a global family with a part to play in the advancement of all. 

May you use these tools and enjoy your journey as you find your way to the Light!

Review:  This book is full of wisdom and light.  Jean has such a beautiful way of writing and delivering her message to the world.  This book provides such deep and impactful truth that everyone needs to hear! A must read, for sure!!    Christine Compas

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The Magic and Mystery of Dreams​:

The Ultimate Handbook for Interpreting Day and Night Dreams

and the Symbols in Your Life

by Jean Walters


Description:  Our earth life is composed of symbols. Designer, Buckminster Fuller stated, The Universe is speaking to us all the time. We must learn to listen. Yet, most people don’t listen or pay attention, yet the messages keep coming.

Fuller was aware that life is made up of symbols that exemplify where we, as individuals, are in our evolution. By observing these symbols, you will understand where you are in your personal progression. Is your life displaying joy or fear, conflict or harmony? Are there messes that need cleaning up, conflicts that need resolution? Your life reflects your thinking, beliefs, and evolution. By paying attention, you can make changes and direct your experience in ways that enrich you.

By learning the language of symbols, you will understand your purpose, why are these people in your life, the various circumstances, and even holy scriptures and parables.  The exercises in this book will help you appreciate your place in your family (whether personal or career).   Symbolism is the language of the soul and and will lead you to deep soul awareness.               Piercing through veils of unknowing to reach a sense of knowing is spiritual gold.

Review:  Jean Walters’ years of teaching shine forth in her book on how to interpret your dreams. In The Magic and Mystery of Dreams she basically takes your hand and walks you step-by-step through the interpretation process.  This instructional manual takes the confusion out of dream work. Her four-step                         format creates a template for simple, on-going dream interpretation. Plus, she provides an extensive list of dream symbols and instructs on how to discern and comprehend other symbols as they appear in your dreams or your daily life. Finally, we have a guide in Walters’ that makes dreams helpful, understandable and accessible.  This book is an excellent tool to learn the value of your dreams and to assist in your                 journey toward self-awareness.

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The Journey from Anxiety to Peace:

          Practical Steps to Handle Fear, Embrace Struggle, and

Eliminate Worry to Become Happy and Free

By Jean Walters


The Journey from Anxiety to Peace Book Cover

Description:  This is a US and International best selling book. Worry and anxiety are common maladies these days. People routinely have panic attacks and even live in fear of them. Yet there is a way around these problems, and it takes training. I’m not talking about knocking down pills, although people survive on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for years, but there are consequences to that. A healthier approach would be to go to the root cause of the issue and make changes from there.

Anyone can do this. Making adjustments requires dedication, focus, and discipline. Yet anyone can do it. We have discipline to clear our schedule to watch a favorite sports team or go out with friends, and we muster up similar dedication to release anxiety and worry. What is more important than your mental health? Everyday stress takes a toll on your well-being and sense of joy and can even cut your life short.

In this book you will discover practices to help you move from anxiety and worry to peace of mind and you will read stories of people who have successfully made the transition. It is a process. Others have successfully transitioned in this way and you can too. It is like crossing a stream, jumping from rock to rock. Take a step and the next stone (step) will appear before you. The main thing is to start!!

Review:  Beautiful easy read on how to achieve peace:  A well-written book that has such beautiful insight into breaking through your own limitations and anxieties to find peace. I love the way that Jean explains life in a way that makes it seem so easy to understand. Very well written book!!

Christine Compas


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The Power of KNOWING:

8 Step Guide to Open Your Intuitive Channel and

Live From Highest Consciousness

By Jean Walters


Description:  If you have ever felt empty or emotionally out of control, you have been given the signal – it is time to make some changes. We have lost much in our journey through life – innocence, faith, vision, confidence, and openness. As we begin our process of        transformation, and make the necessary course corrections, these are the qualities we reclaim.                     

In this study, you seek to comprehend the path you have chosen. This starts with understanding yourself, how you created your identity, and what it takes to connect with your deepest essence.  You will learn how to take command of your mind and stop the constant chatter.  This will yield dynamic results and lead you on your own path to mastering intuition – the power of Knowing.  You will learn how to understand to  yourself (your desires and motivations), how you created your identity, and what it takes to connect with your deepest essence. You will learn how to take command of your mind and put a stop to the constant inner chatter. This will yield dynamic results and lead you on your own path to mastering intuition – the power of Knowing and Connection. As you work through this book, you will be taking the steps necessary to transform to a higher level one step at a time and that is the way to mastery.                                  

Review:  Jean Walters' newest book on Knowing could not have come at a better time for our society.  When so many people are searching exteriorly for a way to feel whole and love.  Jean brings the message that Knowing is inherently ours and can only be found through our connection with the Spirit of our True Self, not through, "external outward safety."

Jean also shares that each of us has the ability and freedom to share the brilliance and resourcefulness of our inner self.  Most importantly she walks the reader through steps and activities to cultivate knowing and living with a higher purpose.  Just as Jean encourages her readers to "approach life as a delicious adventure,” I would encourage you to approach reading The Power of KNOWING in the same manner!  With Jean as your guide, let your Spirit and intuition open to a whole new level of KNOWING!.    

Andrea Blevins - St. Louis Dreamers and Dream Champions & Dreamer's Journal

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Be Outrageous:  Do the Impossible - Others have; you can too!

Rekindle your passion for life!

By Jean Walters


US Best Selling Book. Description:  Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have; you can too

This book will help you connect with your deepest passion for self expression and learn how to fully be yourself.  As you study the stories in this book and answers the questions posed, you will understand your purpose and discover a clear path for moving forward. This book contains exercises and instructions on how to listen to your inner voice of truth and passion, the internal guide that moves you to a life of magnificence. The steps are provided.

  • Everyone has a dream inside of him.   How to get in touch with this dream.
  • How to listen to your inner voice of intuition. 
  • How to live a life of passion - steps to take.
  • How to put your passion to work for you.
  • Stories of people who have done it.
Review:  This book teaches the reader to believe in himself & follow his passion.  After reading this book, the idea of living a mundane life seems outrageous.  Jean's point is that we all are made for greatness and her encouragement is to follow your inner vision
is powerful. In it she gives the reader exercises to bring that vision to life.  This is a must read for people who want to blast through self-doubt.  I loved it!                           

John Gillardi, Executive Leader - Big 4 Accounting Firm

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Set Yourself Free:  Live the Life YOU were meant to Live!

by Jean Walters


Description:  More than two thousand years ago a great master instructed the masses on simple techniques to live lives of passion, joy, and vibrancy. His pragmatic approach is as viable today as it was then; and by incorporating his methods, you have the power to live the exalted life for which you were designed.

Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU Were Meant to Live provides an outline of these dynamic teachings. In this book, Jesus is used as a prototype for each person and his trials and tribulations are symbolic of yours. By learning through his example, we save time, effort, and frustration and move to enlightenment with ease and grace. There are numerous examples given of individuals who have overcome major challenges and obstacles to live dynamically and express the fullness of their divine potential. By following these teachings, you can do the same.

What is the hero's journey?  How to get in touch with your hero's journey?
How you can use the teachings of the great masters to live a life of peace now?
How to spot the gifts (lessons/opportunities) in any situation?
Jean takes metaphysics and a wide array of holy books and teachings, which can be confusing to most, and explains them in terms that
inspire and motivate.  
Jean provides numerous examples of individuals who have overcome challenges and obstacles to live dynamically and express the fullness of their divine potential. 

She extrapolates the importance of gratitude in living a life of joy.

Review:  If you are ready for a journey to your True Self, Set Yourself Free:  Live the Life YOU were meant to Live will give you the foundational building blocks to let go of your fears and claim the freedom of your True Identity. With Jesus as your prototype, you are given the tools to your God Power within. A must read for those on the path of enlightenment. 

Gloria Boysal, Intuitive Coach


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