Jean Walters
has given over 35,000 Akashic Readings
for people all over the world


What is an Akashic Reading?

"Akasha" is an Sanskrit word meaning "mind substance". In an Akashic Reading, the reader is psychically reading the mind substance or energies of a specific person, relationship, business, health system, situation, or event.

Readings are accomplished by the reader relaxing and moving into a meditative-type state (the subconscious mind). At that point, she focuses her attention on the individual seeking the reading. This is done by concentrating on the full name and birth date of that person. (This sets up a unique energy pattern).  Thus contact is established on a soul level with that person or consciousness.

The process is similar to tuning your radio to a particular frequency. Once this connection is made, information concerning that individual is available. By directing the focus of the reading per the intent of the individual, specific areas of information can be accessed and questions addressed. If the person’s desires and objectives are clear and specific, the information that is channeled through the reader is also clear, exact, and specific.

The information channeled in a reading flows directly from the subconscious mind, therefore it is objective, non-judgmental, and promotes clarity and understanding.

Depending on your objective, a reading can supply:

Specific information regarding past life situations that influence the present life time;

A complete outline of a past or present association for two people and suggestions for building positive interactions or completing a lesson to be learned;

Health readings specify areas of mental, emotional, and physical disharmony along with corrective measures;

Career readings offer information for building or redirecting a career or help in determining natural talents or abilities;

Family readings outline the impact the family situation is having on up to four members and lessons to be learned;

Business readings evaluate the make-up of a particular business and offer practical suggestions to facilitate productivity, efficiency, profitability, and growth.

You can achieve an objective view of your Soul progression, indicate steps to take to facilitate growth, determine your specific lessons, strengthen your intuition, and connect to your Higher Mind.

All readings are provided by Jean Walters, who has given over 35,000 readings for over 35 years for people all over the world. Walters is also a Personal Growth Consultant, Life Coach and Certified Reality Therapist in private practice and can assist in the assimilation and practical application of the information received in your reading.

Readings are scheduled by appointment only. To arrange for a reading call or write:

Jean Walters
11944 Autumn Lakes Drive
Maryland Heights, Mo. 63043

314 566 5231 office cell

e-mail to jean@spiritualtransformation.com

If you would like to mail in a reading request be sure to include full names (first, middle, last) and birth dates on everyone you want included in the reading along with your objective (what you want to accomplish) for obtaining the reading and specific questions you wish to be addressed. Cost for an hour is $150 for half hour $100. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal.

TIPS: To get the most from your reading, it is important to have a clear, objective (know what you want to achieve from the reading). To insure reading accuracy, you must supply full names (first, middle, last name), no nick names, of the individuals you want to include in the reading. Example:

Correct: James Allen Doe, Sr., 1/1/6l;

Incorrect: Jim A. Doe, l/61.

Correct: Deborah Susan Doe, 2/2/52;

Incorrect: Debbie Doe, 2/2/?.


"Your reading solidified and clarified a lot of input from myself and others received over the past year. It was good to be informed of the health conditions you mentioned. The input on our business was helpful–what each must do to bring in more abundance. This all makes sense. It was great to find you. Thank you."
M W from Colorado

"Thank you for increasing light in my life. Your assistance has greatly helped me in the past and in the present moment. I want to thank you and tell you that are a very special person."
D M from Missouri

"Thank you for another great reading. It was ‘right on’. It gave me another layer of understanding about myself and did exactly what I wanted it to do — helped me separate my energies from the individuals who have been strong, even over powering influences in my life."
A C from Washington

"I want to thank you for the reading. The information was l00% accurate. Having you validate things I’ve sort of sensed was a powerful catalyst and self affirmation. "
E A from Illinois

"Thank you for your wisdom and heart and all that you’ve shared with me."
M K, California

"I appreciate your wonderful gift."
F E, Missouri

"You have made a lasting impression on my life. I am forever grateful that you chose to reach out to others. Thank you so much."
K R, Missouri

"Thank you for the time you spent with me.  You were just a Go-send.  Everything you said was absolutely perfect  again, I want to thank you for being in that wonderfuf consciousness that allows you the clarity and wisdom to be there for people in the perfect way.  You are truly a treasure in my life."  P B, Missouri

"Jean, I wanted to tell you how truly grateful I am for all you've given me throughout the years and every session.  You always always make a tremendous difference in my life and I am deeply appreciative to you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you and I love you."  B H, Missouri




To set an appointment for a reading, you must complete this form and send or deliver with $150. (up to one hour).  If you have questions, please feel free to call 314 991-8439 or email Jean@spiritualtransformation.com

Full name: (includes first, middle, and last name — no nick names)

Birth date: (month, day, and year)

(Full street address)

City, State, and Zip Code

Phone: (home, work, cell)

Please charge this reading to my credit card (circle one: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express)

Account number:

Expiration Date:

Three digit code on back of card:

Address where credit card statement is sent (include zip code):

Signature as it appears on the card ________________________________

The objective of this reading is: (what I want to achieve by having this reading.)

Examples: To determine direction; to clarify a situation or relationship; to establish harmony in marriage or family; to ascertain state of health; to determine blocks in relationship, career, prosperity; to define lessons and best way to learn them; overview of personal growth and progress; determine unfinished business; objective view of career and assistance in decisions.

Note: just about any objective can be met with a reading, but remember the future is available as possibilities only and is based on what you do right now. The purpose of a reading is to aid you in seeing clearly and encouraging personal growth.