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Jean considers herself more than just a counselor -- she's an educator. She educates her clients, readers, and workshop participants on the deeper elements of their relationships and then empowers them to make good decisions for themselves going forward. Jean rejects fear-based energy and scapegoating tactics. Instead of assigning blame, she encourages clients to own their feelings, be honest about their values, and make positive changes in their lives.
If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, you can look to her for help deciding which way to go. You can read her best-selling books or schedule a one-on-one consultation to benefit from her astute spiritual guidance. Jean's soulful approach to life can enlighten people wondering what they can do to honor their relationships and their truth.
"The purpose of life," Jean told us, "is to pick up on lessons and learn well -- and relationships are one of the best ways to learn lessons. You don't have to be perfect; just be yourself and be open to learning and growing."


Having a Growth Mindset - By Cindy Readnower
     In 2006, Rhonda Byrnes’ book, The Secret, was released. What followed was a storm of people who desired to know more about the concept of the Law of Attraction. In her book and the subsequent movie, the author instructs that to change your life you must do visualizations, be grateful for what you have and learn to laugh. The principle is that we are all energy and so to make changes, we should change the energy around us. This should happen first inside our heads.
     Translated into 50 languages and selling over 30 million copies, this philosophy struck a cord. She interviewed several people (who became instantly famous) and they started teaching this theory and many became multi-millionaires. There were a few, however, who crashed and burned because their ego got in the way (James Arthur Ray ended up in jail after failing to help three people survive his sweat lodge experience).
     Many people including top-notch athletes, as well as celebrities, regularly use visualization exercises to picture their desired outcome… and it works, for some. Jim Carrey talks about writing himself a check for $10 million dollars and focusing on it so much that he came to believe it would happen (this was before he was famous and had to drive to comedy performances for miles, just to give his routine away for free)… and it did happen, several years later.
      So one has to ask, was it because of his belief that it would happen that made him keep going? Or was it because of the flow of energy created that made it happen, so he could just ride it out till it did finally occur? For millions of other people, it may never happen or it may happen a little bit, but most don’t get to see their dreams become reality. What makes it different for different people?
     Personal Growth Consultant Jean Walters, based in St. Louis, has been teaching this philosophy for years and has recently released several videos from her course, on YouTube to explain the concept of the Universal Laws. The Law of Attraction is basically the Law of Cause and Effect (also known as the Law of Karma). She says that if we really understand how these laws work, we can pull whatever we want to us. She explains that most of us have been taught a punishment/reward system (you aren’t a good person then you are punished by the universe or whatever supreme being you believe in). Actually, the Law of Cause and Effect is neutral: you create an action and another equal re-action happens. “Drop a piece of paper; it falls on the floor. Period.”
     Jean says the key to most of us not being able to manifest our desires is that we remain in conflict with ourselves. For example, you want to create wealth in your life but you constantly talk about what you cannot afford, you worry about money, or you think that being wealthy means you cannot be a spiritual person. The conflict that is stronger (whichever has the greatest amount of energy) will be what you end up with. Most of us realize that our fears surrounding finances can be very powerful!
     Another hiccup most of us have is fear of failure, and that fear can also be very strong. That may be the difference between stepping forward into a future where we realize our potential, or staying where we are because it’s safer. Jean says that whenever we hear, inside our own heads, that we aren’t good enough or that we won’t be able to accomplish what we want, it is really the ego tripping us up. We need to learn to listen to the real inner voice: our intuition and passion. We need to learn to ignore that ego voice. Although some people say we should “feel the fear and do it anyway,” Jean says this goes beyond… to a way of quieting the ego voice and not feeling the fear at all. We have to accept that we can handle what comes our way and not let fear stop us for doing the things we feel drawn to.
     Jeans explanations are simple to understand, easy to use and represent a lifetime of practicing these principles herself. She is an accomplished teacher and uses everyday examples that all of us encounter, to drive her points home. She wants to freely share the information from her course (thus the release of the videos on YouTube) so that everyone can transform their life. You can immediately tell from the videos that she is passionate about teaching and that she loves doing it.
      Jean’s website is and her two YouTube channels are her name: Jean Walters. Jean offers consultations, a newsletter and other resources on her website. You can find her books on Amazon: Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were Meant to Live!; The Magic and Mystery of Dreams: The Ultimate Handbook for Interpreting your Day and Night Dreams and the Symbols in Your Life; Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible: Others Have and You Can Too! (Find Your Passion); The Power of KNOWING:  8 Step Guide to Open Your Intuitive Channel and Live in Highest Consciousness; The Journey from Anxiety to Peace: Practical Steps to Handle Fear, Embrace Struggle, and Eliminate Worry to become Happy and Free; Deep Truth: Wisdom of the Masters - Reality and Illusion - Practical steps to understand the Universe, master the mind, develop intuition, deepen wisdom & live an inspired life!