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Metaphysics Study Group: The Keys to Jeshua - begins again February 17, 24, March 2, 9, 16.  7-8:45 pm Mondays, Conference Room in the Ruder Building.  This is a deep dive into metaphysics and spirituality using the book: The Keys to Jeshua by Glenda Green.  Call me for availability. 314 566 5231


PERD732-P)1 Meditation: How and Why - 3 weeks, 7-9:30 pm -- 2/19-3/4/20

How and why meditation is important to health and living a life of joy.  Various meditation practices will be explored and experienced.  Bring a pillow or blanket for comfort.  Call 314 984 7777 to register.


COMM765-P02  Communication Skills for Personal Empowerment, Thursday, 2/27-3/12/20 (3 weeks) If you want to improve your relationships, both personal and business, this is a must class for you.  98% of all conflict starts with poor communications.  Also learn to listen to yourself and learn what your blocks and issues are.  Register at 314 984 7777 to register


PERD765 P01 Healing Magic and Miracles, 3/25-4/8/2020 (3 weeks)

Are you stuck in a limited belief or situation and don’t know what the next step is or how to break through or move beyond?  It is true that we are responsible for creating our lives, yet we have not been taught the techniques to do this according to our desires.  In this class on healing, I will provide you those techniques.  You will be able to find your answers and break through to a more expanded experience.   You will strengthen your intuition and connect with the powerful energies  that facilitate healing.  Call 314 984 7777 to register