About Personal Growth Consultations

Personal Growth Consultations

What is offered and how it works!

Consultations are offered to individuals, couples, and families who desire growth. It is a positive experience designed to help, encourage, and guide people to become, develop and express more of themselves.

Every person is designed for success.  If he is not experiencing it, there is a block that can be discovered and remedied.  Everyone is capable of being successful. If you do not feel you are operating to your full potential, then you probably aren't.   Transformational coaching will reveal the blocks hindering progress and with help you can move past them to achieve your desire.

Self examination pursued through a positive, supportive environment reveals limiting belief systems and behavioral patterns. Altering ineffective patterns results in change which leads to a fuller expression of life in all areas - relationships, money, career, love, communications, goals, direction, commitment, etc.

The process works. The key is that you can have or be anything you want; you already have the potential. No one can suppress your development just as no one can do it for you. Decide what you want or in which areas you wish to concentrate. Together consultant and client peel away blocks or past programmed limiting ideas and replace them with the program you need to move forward. 

Jean Walters uses a combination of therapies and approaches in her work and she is strongly intuitive.

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To set an appointment, call: 314 991-8439 office or 314 566 5231 cell or email at jean@spiritualtransformation.com