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     Jean Walters has been at the forefront in the movement for personal transformation, clarity, and truth for over 30 years.  Through her writings, consulting, coaching, and Akashic Readings, her message and purpose are as inspiring as the peace and positivity that imbue her.   Jean’s intention and commitment to deepest truth have brought her to share her wisdom and guidance to tens of thousands of clients and students.

     She is a Best Selling Author in the US and Internationally. And, through her intuitive channel, she has provided over 35,000 Akashic record readings to people all over the world.  It is but one highlight of a varied and successful career, which includes working with and training individuals, organizations and businesses.  She knows the serious side of personal development and she can ignite a team in your organization like nobody’s business.  Whether you are old school or new millennium, you will find Jean’s authenticity and wisdom compelling and magical. 

     Overcoming obstacles, confronting life’s challenges, breaking though boundaries are dealt with along with designing solutions, re-education, and resolution.   If you are ready to reach your full potential, you can learn new methods and condition yourself for success. Personal growth consultations supply the ingredients you need to open yourself to your unlimited ability to be, do or have whatever you desire.  Seminars and classes offer invaluable tools to develop greater vision and methods to manage real world issues.  (See testimonials.)

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Achieve Success Now!

Jean Walters' insight and big picture approach to learning will help you:

  • move beyond self-imposed boundaries
  • expand potential
  • develop practical life skills
  • remove blocks to success
  • increase awareness and happiness
  • develop greater understanding of self and others
  • achieve higher levels of self esteem and
  • set and accomplish larger goals

Jean Walters' years of experience as an expert in personal empowerment uniquely positions her to assist clients reach their next level of success. As a business owner, author, radio host, and business consultant she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to transform  audiences.  Her passion and expertise shine through each presentation as she shares Universal success principles to assist participants reach higher and go farther. (See testimonials). 

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Walters has authored six books and numerous columns and articles in major publications on expanding human potential. 

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 Akashic (intuitive) readings provide clarity, insight and pragmatic information to assist clients expand relationships, careers, create prosperity, and achieve over-all well being.

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