Testimonials - Coaching, Classes etcetera


As a result of consulting with Jean Walters, I regained my health and also refined my attitudes regarding financial and business affairs.
P.E. St. Louis Mo.

Our conversations really helped me focus on what my objectives are and what’s it’s going to take to reach them.
G. E. St. Louis Mo.

Due to a reevaluation of the tools used to measure my own success, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my relationship with my wife and my children.
D. P. St. Louis Mo.

I have found Jean Walters’ business acumen to be unsurpassed and invaluable to my chiropractic practice.
P. K. St. Louis Mo.

I have probably grown more in the few years I have known Jean Walters than many people do in a lifetime.
B. P. St. Louis Mo.

One of Jean Walters’ particular strengths is that she does not come from a particular bias promoting career or income growth, but has the integrity to work within the context of my dreams and directions.
J. S. St. Louis Mo.

I have been using Jean Walters as a business consultant for the last three years. I can say with confidence that her consulting work has been the single most important element in my business success.
S. P. St. Louis Mo.

I consider Jean Walters to be the most honest and professional person that I know.
J. S. St. Louis Mo.

The investment in Personal Growth Consulting, both in terms of time and cost, is the best decision I’ve made.
M. K. St. Louis Mo.

I think anyone who experiences Jean Walters in consulting or workshops walks away richer in spirit.
S. G. St. Louis Mo.

You have made a lasting impression on my life. I am forever grateful that you chose to reach out to others. Thank you so much.
K. R. St. Louis Mo.

Thank you for your wisdom and heart and all that you have shared with me.
M. K. California

I appreciate your wonderful gift.
F. E. Missouri