ARTICLE: St. Louis Small Business Monthly, January 2004

By Robin R. Mueller

”It’s not what’s happened to you that has directed your life,” says Jean Walters-Lucy, “It’s how you’ve reacted to what’s happened. Every person needs to take responsibility for his or her own actions; you reap what you sow.

“If you blame your business failure or setbacks on the economy, the President, the weather, whatever, you’ve given all your power away.”

As a personal growth consultant, Walters-Lucy’s goal is to help people look at the cause and effect in their lives and “understand how their psyches work and what they can do differently to open up their energy flow, to trust themselves more. “Every person has his own energy, and every business has its own energy. You have to learn for yourself how to maximize what you have!”

“We have grown up in a world of fear-consciousness. People are taught to think of what they can’t do or won’t do – limiting belief systems and behavioral patterns – instead of figuring out a way to reach their dreams. I also call it victim-consciousness. How many victims do you know?”

“I really believe that all people have the same unlimited potential,” she says strongly. “It’s what’s on the inside. I want to help people expand themselves, find their blocks and move on to discover their God-self, their universal-self, their higher mind, whatever you wish to call it.”

Walters-Lucy believes this “opening up” will “automatically help people to become more present, loving, and compassionate.”

“Everyone has had issues and challenges. The key is to ask, ‘What’s the purpose?’ Ultimately, it is to help you become stronger, more motivated and to lead you to a richer life.”

Walters-Lucy married right after high school and reared four children, but found herself continually drawn to metaphysics, “the study of what lies beyond the physical and the understanding of universal laws. It began with trying to understand myself. I looked around at life and knew there was a system; it wasn’t just random.”

“Our eyes are small instruments. We see just the tip of the iceberg, but there’s a great mass hidden underneath.”

She studied at the School of Metaphysics in Springfield, Missouri, earning a Doctorate. She became a certified Reality Therapist in 1981. She also earned a Doctorate of Divinity from the International Church of Metaphysics and the Universal Life Church. She has held and continues to hold varying leadership positions in entrepreneurial and educational organizations.

In 1980, after working for other companies, she began her own business. In her private consulting practice, she has helped hundreds of business people explore new paths.

She says that “numerous new businesses have been started because people realize they do have the capacity to reach their dreams. I help them to make shifts in their attitudes and posture, to change their minds or to see things from a different angle.”

As examples, one businessman “who had given a lot of power to financial institutions reversed that position and realized he was what they needed.”

An artist realized “she had cut off a lot of her artistic ability” by giving in to a negative family dynamic. ”When she realized that, she opened herself up to her creative flow.”

A business owner overcame great difficulties “in a really impressive, incredible way and saw that he had the power to change. He came out a fighter!” A realtor doubled her business after she shifted her focus.

Walters-Lucy also offers Akashic (psychic) readings to clients, who articulate a specific question about their health, family, career, an association, or business. In a meditative state, Walters-Lucy moves into the subconscious mind to channel information, receiving it as though she’s “reading a ticker tape.”

She helped some business partners to understand their opposing views, showing them “how they can better listen to each other.” A man who wanted to begin a new company also learned how his first company could grow more.

Many testimonials praise her ability “to draw out the best in everyone,” and thank her for her motivational skills, specific solutions and business acumen. One man writes, “I can say with confidence that her consulting work has been the single most important element in my business success.”

Many individuals seek Walters-Lucy’s services after attending one of her business seminars. She has designed and taught dozens of workshops and seminars for many businesses, seven local universities and colleges, as well as bookstores and churches. Clients include AAA Auto Club of Missouri, CPAs of America, Enterprise Leasing, Normandy Hospitals and Continental Textile Company.

“The business community recognizes that it needs to reach deeper – people want to communicate better, become inspirational leaders and build rapport,” she explains.

Walters-Lucy’s seminars explore topics like perceptive listening, overcoming personal rejection, confronting challenge, handling anger, building creativity and hearing the voice of intuition.

“I’m very, very practical, and give people specific tools to help them experiment with and learn these skills,” says Walters-Lucy.

A frequent guest on radio and television stations, she also has created a library of personal growth and spiritual development tapes, examining topics like abundance, relaxation, self-esteem and living in the presence of God.

Going Solo

Her books include “Choosing Health”, “Dreams and the Symbology of Life,” “Set Yourself Free” and “The Game of Life”. (To order her tapes or books, go to here)

“Writing is one of my passions,” she says. She has also written columns for newspapers and magazines.

“We are living in a time of massive transformation,” says Walters-Lucy. People are exploring the spiritual as they never have before. Everything is changing – new companies, ideas and even governments.

“We’re seeing the dissolution of businesses, such as Enron and others, that have not acted with integrity. Something new will come out of the economic and stock upheavals that will be much more in alignment with our intrinsic values.”

“That’s just a truth of life – we need dissolution in order to have evolution. New life, like the phoenix, rises from the ashes.

“It’s an entrepreneurial time, as well. People don’t want to be owned, they want to explore their own potential and bring others along with them. In general, people have become much more open and willing to explore possibilities. It’s really wonderful!”