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Former Syndicated Radio Host Writes A Book -
Making Dream Interpretation A Skill Anyone Can Master

Dreams have been a source of inspiration and mystery for hundreds of years. They have played a part in many cultures and folklore. Ancient cultures, such as the Hopi Indians and Egyptians, derived deep meaning from dreams and visions and used them for guidance. The Bible and other holy books refer to dreams and visions as offering guidance and direction.

In the field of psychology, many theories and techniques have been developed regarding dreams. Dr. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was a famous proponent of dreams. Psychologist, Carl Jung saw dreams as an important tool to understand man's deeper psyche. His efforts in interpreting symbols laid the foundation for all future dream work.

Current techniques, offered through Alfred Adler's work and Gestalt therapy, provide a means for self integration. Thus there is evidence that dreams have been a topic of conversation and a tool for self awareness for centuries.

Jean Walters-Lucy unlocks the mystery of dreams in her book, Dreams and the Symbology of Life. In it she answers such questions as "What are my dreams trying to tell me? and "Why can't I remember my dreams?" Walters-Lucy states that anyone can learn to interpret their dreams by working with a simple, four step formula she provides. Using this method along with the extensive list of dream symbols included in the book, the reader can understand their dreams and make available to themselves the objective wisdom of the subconscious mind. Apparently this method works as well with day dreams as with night dreams.

This four step formula, plus the extensive list of common dreams symbols, makes this book unlike any other "dream interpretation" primer. Dreams and the Symbology of Life is the result of 30 years of research and teaching involving use of dreams as a tool for understanding self - one's fears, emotions, aspirations, hopes, fantasies, and disappointments. Walters-Lucy poses dreams to be a valuable, objective, non-judgmental tool coming from the dreamer that is available to anyone wanting help in processing their life experiences. She poses that by regularly working with dreams, a individual is able to ascertain deeper meanings in their everyday life, as well as develop stronger intuition. She states that "Working with dreams is one of the best ways to develop intuition." Strong intuition is of up-most value and importance if one wishes to make a solid connection with their deeper, subconscious mind.

There are several unique aspects to Walters-Lucy's, Dreams and the Symbology of Life book. First of all the four-step formula for deciphering dreams is revolutionary. By using it, the meaning of dreams is made accessible to the reader. Plus, her extensive list of dreams symbols makes it an on-going resource of helpful information. Additionally, she provides exercises to encourage the reader to develop his own insight and interpretive abilities regarding his "lessons" in life, and to integrate his family, friends and relationships into dream symbols.

Jean Walters-Lucy has 30 years experience in the field of human potential. She has done everything from host a syndicated radio show, called Positive Moments, written regular columns for newspapers and other publications (currently the St. Louis Fax Daily), taught empowerment principles at many businesses, organizations and universities and is currently in practice as a Personal Growth Consultant and Success Coach in St. Louis.

Dreams and the Symbology of Life
By Jean Walters-Lucy
Publication Date: January 31, 2003
Trade Paperback: $20.99, 108 pages, ISBN 1-4010-7111-2

The Author is available for interviews by calling (314) 991-8439 or emailing To request additional information or a review copy of Dreams and the Symbology of Life, contact Jean Walters-Lucy at (314) 991-8439.

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