February 12, 2018
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            New Class:  Break Through YOUR Upper Limits
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Dear friends:
Recently I came across a fantastic formula for breaking through the "glass: ceiling that everyone has in the area of love, money, and creativity-career.  I have been excited to share this information with anyone who is ready to break through his Upper Limit and move to a greater expression in these areas and to make his life a dream of living his full potential.
Therefore I have designed a class to do just that.  Anyone who is ready can join.  All you need to be ready is agree to willingly explore the process and apply new realizations to your life.  That's it!  
We are designed to be amazing, dynamic beings and along our journey we have bought into beliefs and behaviors that have created limitation.  We will discover these, remove and replace them, and create a new picture, beliefs, and behaviors of living our dynamic selves.   
Ready??  See the information and how to sign up below.  I welcome you to discover your True Self.  Be prepared to laugh and applaud as you recognize your barriers and decide to blast through them!!!!
Also, I will be teaching a three week mediation class starting Wednesday March 21st through the St. Louis Community College.  Please call them to register 314 984 7777 - Meditation: How and Why, Course # PERD:732 1
Many blessings, Jean
Breaking Through Your Barrier to Success Class
2018 is the year of MASTERY:  Are you ready to break through your limitations?
Every person has a self-imposed “glass” ceiling that prevents him from being all that he is capable of being – of displaying and living his full potential in career, abundance, and love.  In this class you will discover how to access the REAL YOU, discover how you diminish yourself, and what you can do right now to live from your dynamic SELF and up your limits to love, abundance and career.   
As pure consciousness you can be or have anything you want.  Yet most people have created blocks to their success in love, abundance and career.  This class is to help you discover your inner dream and reconnect to it by breaking through limiting beliefs and identifications of the past.  You will discover your hidden way to keep yourself small and unfulfilled and develop a way to change the pattern.
This class is for anyone desiring to break through to discover his True Self and live a life of abundance, joy, love, and creativity.  We will use meditation, visioning, lectures, worksheets and processing in this class.
Dates: Mondays, March 5,12,19,26, & April 2, 2018 --7-8:30 pm                                                                   
Location: 11710 Administration Dr. Conference room (1st floor) Ruder Building  
Tuition:  $197. Per student / $187 two or more join together.  Registration is limited.
To register:  Mail check to Inner Connections Inc. at address below.  Or, email your registration: jean@spiritualtransformation.com or call me with credit card information
Jean Walters - 314 991 8439 office or 314 566 5231 cell.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________Registration Information (Copy and mail or call with the particulars)
Name and Address________________________________
Phone number(s) & email address__________________________________________
Credit card information: (call or mail this, please): name, address where statement is sent including zip code, credit card number, expiration date and code on back of card.
Mail to:
Jean Walters
Inner Connections Inc.,
11710 Administration Drive, #42,
St Louis, MO. 63146-3407
Questions:  Jean Walters 314 991 8439 office / 314 566 5231 cell or jean@spiritualtransformation.com
Jean Walters
314 991 8439 office / 314 566 5231 cell



My mission is to bring people to the Light and live lives of joy

and peace! 

Jean Walters



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PLEASE NOTE: Often there are additional classes being offered through my office (314-991-8439). If you are interested in Personal Growth classes, including Personal Empowerment, Developing Intuition, Awake to Your Dreams, and /or Listening Beyond the Words," call my office.