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Jean Walters is a St. Louis based teacher of Self-Empowering principles. She has been in the field of personal growth since the early 70s, has studied Metaphysics extensively and applies Universal Principles to every area of her life.

During her career she has written numerous books, articles and columns, including Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU were meant to Live! (techniques for spiritual enlightenment), Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible - Others have and you can too! (about living a life of passion and joy), Choosing Health: You have a right to health are you willihg to claim it!  (about mind-body relationships and creating health), Dreams and the Symbology of Life (a handbook on dream interpretation).

She has been a featured radio and television host and guest. Her radio show, Positive Moments, was syndicated in 120 stations across the United States.

She has lectured, designed and taught classes at numerous organizations and businesses including Maryville University, Lindenwood College, and the St. Louis Community College.

Since 1973 Walters has provided over 35,000 Akashic (Ah-cash-ick) Readings to individuals around the globe seeking insight about their purpose, health, career and relationships.

Currently, Walters is in private practice in the Westport Area of St. Louis as a Personal Growth Consultant, Life Coach, and Akashic Reader and is available for private consultations.

Her Mission Statement: To encourage, assist, and guide individuals to live in the Light and freely from their Highest Selves.


To plan an event call Inner Connectins Inc, 314 991 8439 or 314 566 5231.