Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Events:
The following week on February 23rd I will begin my classes at the Community College.   Meditation: How and Why will be held at Forest Park College (3 classes) from 7-9:30 and Discover your Career Passion will be held at Meramec starting February 28 (2 sessions) 7-9:30.  If you are interested call Continuing Education, 314 984 7708 or 7707 to register. More on that later.

A Transformational Study of A Course in Miracles starts Monday 2/27/17  -  Register NOW 


    Description:  We are living in a time of rapid and vast change.  Releasing the, fear, worry, and anxiety and shifting to love, peace, and serenity is a doable.  The Course in Miracles presents the techniques taught by masters thousands of years ago that can be still by used today.  


     Adapting these teachings helps you handle problems with ease and confidence and gain a new, broad perspective on life and relationships.


     This Course will help you to view situations from a higher dimension, deepen your spiritual connection to peace, and maintain focus on love.  It is a path of peace.


    I am excited to bring you this class.  It is a culmination of 40 years of metaphysical study for me.  If you are ready to free yourself from dogma and irrational beliefs, this class is for you.  Here are the details: 

    The Course in Miracles class/study group will meet on Mondays --  February 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27, 2017  Please read the description below and let me know if this is your next step in growth.   Jean


Discover Your Career Passion

starts Tuesday, 2/28 for two weeks. Call Meramec College to register 314 984 7707 - Course #CPDV:702 650

     You spend a good part of your life expressing through work and career.  Thus, it is importaht to discover a path that offers joy, value, and fulfillment in what you do.  In this class, you will be assisted to convert your passion into a career path.  We will use worksheets and discussions to process.  You have always known what you love, now discover a way to convert this passion into a career that works for you.  


Call St. Louis Community College at Meramec to register 314 984 7707 and call Jean for additional information. 

314 991 8439 and 314 566 5231

If you know of other groups that would like to have workshops and book signings, please let me know.   314 991 8439 office and 314 566 5231 cell


The Course in Miracles

(This is an on-going study group/class)

Call my office to get the latest dates and times for classes 314 991 8439
    The Course in Miracles is a transformative study.  It is for people who are ready to change their lives and live from a higher dimension.  It is a guide that helps you observe life from a deeper perspective and focus on love.  The techniques Jesus taught are represented in the Course.  It is a path of peace.
    I am excited to bring you this study.  It offers profound teaching that offers new vision, perspectives and understanding to anyone ready to free themselves from dogma and irrational beliefs   Here are the details:
    Dates and times are available by calling m office at 314 991 8439

    What the Course in Miracles says:  God wants nothing more from you than atonement, which in the language of the Course means correcting your misperceptions.  As you forgive others, you forgive yourself.  This leads to letting go of guilt, anger, hatred, and aggression.  Sin is defined as a lack of love.
    The Course in Miracles is a treasure trove of wisdom designed to bring you back to alignment with Highest Energy, God.  The beauty of the Course is that you can continue your study during class breaks.  I can help you organize your personal study.
    The Course in Miracles speaks to truth in ways unlike other teachings.  A quote from the Course:  The only thing that is REAL is love.   These are the ideas we will be discussing and hopefully transferring to your life.  It is all about experiencing peace.   
    If you are ready to join our study group, please call me or register on line using the form below.   314 991 8439 office 314 566 5231 cell
    Each week we will study an aspect of the Course with the idea of applying it to your daily life.
Dates & time: Mondays October 24, skip Halloween, November 7, 14, 21, & 28, 7-8:30 pm
Location:  Conference room - Ruder building 11710 Administration Drive, Westport area
Cost:  $197 per person (or $187 if 2 or more register together.) You are not registered until money is paid.
    You will need a copy of the Course of Miracle.  Any bookstore or Amazon.com will have copies.
    I am excited to share this amazing study with you and I am looking for folks who are ready to make big changes in their lives, in their perception of life, and their desire to live in Highest Energy.
    You can register by mail:  Make check out to:  Inner Connections Inc.,

11710 Administration Drive, Suite 42     St. Louis, Mo. 63146-3407
    Or call me 314 991 8439 with credit card info or send to: Jean@spiritualtransformation.com
Much love!  Jean
Registration Form
    Please register me for the Course in Miracles class/study which will be held on Mondays - check with my office for dates and times.
Location:  Conference Room, Ruder Building, 11710 Administration Drive, St. Louis, Mo. 63146-3407(Westport area)  
Address _____________________________________________________
City, State,Zip_________________________________________________
Telephone: Home ___________Work____________ Cell_______________
I am enclosing $197.tuition. ($187.if 2 or more registers together)   Check, Credit Card
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Signature __________________________________
Mail this form, along with check, or Credit Card number and signature to:
Jean Walters, Inner Connections, 11710 Administration Dr, Suite 42, St. Louis, Mo. 63146-3407