By Jean Walters-Lucy

Dreams and the Symbology of Life deals with using your dreams as a tool for Self awareness and recognizing the symbology in your everyday life.  Accessing your subconscious mind through dreams avails you of a vast storehouse of wisdom and knowledge.  The chapter on how to remember your dreams instructs you how to tap into this storehouse.  A four step formula for dream interpretation simplifies interpretation and converts dreams into a practical tool for personal growth and understanding.

An extensive list of dream symbols is included to complete the learning process.  Looking at everyday life experiences symbolically opens vista of opportunity to learn the lessons life offers easily and without judgment.  How to interpret the Bible and other holy books using the symbolic language of dreams competes the text.

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Jean Walters-Lucy's year of teaching shine forth in her book on how to interpret your dreams. In "Dreams and the Symbology of Life" she basically takes your hand and walks you step-by-step through the interpretation process. This instructional manual takes the confusion out of dream work. Her four step formate creates a template for simple, on-going dream interpretation. Plus, she provides an extensive list of dream symbols and instructs on how to discern and comprehend other symbols as they appear in your dreams or your daily life. Finally we have a guide in Walters-Lucy's test that makes dreams helpful, understandable and accessible. "Dreams and the Symbology of Life" is an excellent tool to learn the value of your dreams and to assist you in your journey toward self realization.
By Erika M. Preuss, New York, New York - 3/31/04

The step-by-step process of analyzing dreams set forth in Jean Walters-Lucy's "Dreams and the Symbology of Life" is easy to follow and helps bring dream work within anyone's reach. Walters-Lucy breaks the interpretation process into logical segments and then knits each piece together to arrive at a conclusion that fits the dreamer's life. Her book is a handbook and dream symbol resource at the same time. It is a great reference to have on your night stand for easy access. The list of dream symbols is lengthy and helpful.
By Marvina Hartnagel - 3/30/04

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